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The Media Food Bank began and continues as a ministry of First Church Media.


It was officially founded in 1995 by who?, who started collecting food donations and making them available to anyone who had need on a weekly basis.  A room in the lower level of the church education wing was made available to house the operation, and four other women from the church volunteered to assist one week a month.

After about three years who??? moved out of the area, but the other volunteers maintained the Food Bank's weekly distribution - and continued to do so until they were physically no longer able to do so. More vols along the way? increased capacity?

In the late 1990's the Food Bank was invited to become part of the larger county organization to start receiving food from both state and local governments. This shift required a reconfiguration in the lower level of the church, both to increase storage capacity and comply with more specific storage guidelines.

As the years went on the operation continued to expand. The church made an additional room available for as donations picked up, and in 2008, opened the Clothing Closet in the lower level - further expanding the overall community impact. With the Food Bank and Clothing Closet operating together, the number of people served increased and the operation remained stable.

In March of 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and a corresponding increase in demand and donations, the Food Bank was completely reconfigured almost overnight. Interior space had been tight for a while, but with new health restrictions the clients were no longer allowed in the building. This shift enabled further reconfiguration to store more food and other donations (when start doing non-food). After ballooning during the pandemic, the number of people served has remained much higher than pre-pandemic levels with increasing hunger and food insecurity.

Also adjusting during to the pandemic, the Clothing Closet moved upstairs after a six-month hiatus. It then became a separate operation (when), and expanded? run by? , allowing even more space for the growing Food Bank operation.

In the summer of 2021, church and Food Bank leadership decided to make the temporarily expanded operation permament. The Food Bank took over the entire lower level of the education wing, and then added a heated portico/canopy outside the entrance. The exterior addition has enabled the Food Bank to operate outdoors year-round.

The Food Bank had been entirely volunteer-run until 2023, when two part-time staff members - one of whom, Paul Mickle, had been faithfully volunteering for most of the Food Bank's history - were hired to help manage the expanded operation.

After nearly 30 years, the Food Bank continues its mission in service to Delaware County individuals and families in need -  thanks to ongoing community support from many donors and volunteers.

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